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intuitive strategy and
intentional design for
heart centred humans

specializing in co-creating and distilling your spirit into digital spaces with awareness and attention  

Embracing design and mindfulness, we create one-of-a-kind sites that build authentic connections with your ideal audience.  Together we create a personalized brand, which reflects your style, your passions, your values, and your voice. If you're prepared to deliberately create an authentic reflection of you and your brand, then you've come to the right place.


we’ll be a great fit if you are…



Have you founded your business to work with you and the community you are serving? Are you passion driven and believe your business is creating a positive impact on the world we live in? How we connect and what we share should be as dynamic as the hearts behind the business. Collectively we create magic!



A key ethos of mine is creating magic with likeminded individuals. Together we are respectful of time, skills and the design process. I don’t haggle over the price or work on rushed projects! It is a collaborative process that takes commitment from you and me.



Effective communication can make or break a project. With me, you can be confident our creation will include brilliant ideas and much laughter. Your feedback and opinions are respected and encouraged in all stages of the process. I love hearing and being inspired by your stories and visions!

kind words by cathy eu healing

I’ve no idea what I would have done without you. I had been struggling for so long to create my site and you managed to make the whole process a wonderful, effortless experience! You demonstrated a unique ability to listen and to understand at the deepest level who I really am, what my intentions are and what is within my heart. I felt so seen, heard and understood and it was all reflected so beautifully in the end product. I  can’t tell you how grateful I am for what you helped bring into being.


welcome! I'm keshvar

We speak the same energetic language. I understand your vision and respect your craft in a way that other designers cannot comprehend.

I want your business to grow and succeed because I believe in what you do. With co-creation, we can design something that truly represents you and your practice.

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