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lover of sunlight and adventures

What if someone got in your head and extracted all your ideas about what you want your brand to look and feel like, and could magically see inside your audience’s heads too – and then combined those two things to create the perfect visual strategy for you?

Welcome! My name is Keshvar, and I am thrilled to have you here!  I’m a visual translator, a conduit, an extractor and distiller of ideas. Part intuitive, part visual creator.

My path through life has not been a straight line, but my love for creating has always been with me. Being able to capture your essence and bring it to life through visual design is my superpower. 

I am inspired by...

The passionate people in my life (that includes you), the stunning places I get to travel to,  plants, & lighting.

i'm here to help you capture your energy, create your mission, and share your vision

At their heart, brand design and strategy strive to cultivate meaningful, human connections. I have the ability to ask the right questions, get to the heart of the matter, and empathetically connect the dots between you and your brand essence. From one passionate soul to another, I am committed to creating exceptional, visually stunning, and powerful online presences. Our interactions with others matter and the impression we make can be powerful.

the story of my life book

limited spots available

Because I want to provide each collaboration with the best value, my spots are limited to a few. Make sure you get in touch in advance to reserve your spot for us to work together! 

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